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Author: Harekrushna Behera

Smile plays a very important role not only in the boundary of the school but also even in the outside world. Smile is the expression of love. It’s the magnate, which pull all towards it. As every body wants a smile, School should also be the platform of smile. A teacher touches the heart of a student through the magnetic touch of smile. Smile creates confidence & love among the children. The development of the children on the subjects happens only when they start liking & loving the teacher. ‘Unless the children love the teacher, how can they love the subject?’ Smiling face of the teacher creates vibration among the children who become fearless to express everything. They ask questions. ‘Freedom automatically happens when smile exists in the classroom’. The children always try to ape the teacher. They ape the teacher’s anger, smile, talking etc. They carefully observe the personality of the teacher & discuss among them. Smile helps in many ways both the teacher & the children. Followings are some of the benefits to count. 1. SMILE PAYS PERFORMANCE– A subject will be popular only when the teacher is popular & lovable. Teacher’s smile is the spark of love spreading towards the children, which bind them as magnate with him/her. The smile makes the children fearless & brave in the class to ask every question. Without a question a class is meaningless & helpless & may be termed as poor class.

That teacher is fortunate who is attacked by several questions of the children’.


>As it is the truth that ‘the love can change the heart & that is the permanent change within’, the teacher should always express the love through his smile. One spark of smile spreads ounce of love, which makes the children & classroom happy & lovable. If the classroom is happy then the children can better study through the happy environment. They can enjoy the study. ‘The study you enjoy is the real study & is unforgettable’. 3. SMILE LEADS TO POPULARITY- Some teachers become arrogant of the popularity of another teacher. But they couldn’t understand the secret of this popularity. ‘The moment the teacher smiles, he sprinkles the hope & confidence among the children’. Now they hope the possibility & gain from that teacher. A teacher with happiness is definitely caught by so many disciples. 4. SMILE COMMANDS OVER THE CLASS- Smile is the magic of the teacher to control the class. Smile attracts everybody. Smile has a true impact upon the children. If you want to be a popular leader then smile first. Your first smile will compel every body to smile. ‘Smile is the hidden command where the teacher mesmerizes the children as the magician mesmerizes the audiences’. Smile attaches the attention of the students towards the teacher only as our soul always attach itself to happiness & smile. 5. IMPACT UPON THE CHILDREN- Smile has always a positive impact upon the children. In repercussion the children build only the positive traits among them. The teachers are the real examples in front of the children. The students learn to be happy from the teacher in this way. When the children learn how to smile then all other negative ideas vanishes from them automatically. 6. LIFE BEAUTIFUL- ‘Face becomes beautiful, mind becomes beautiful & after all our life becomes beautiful when we smile’. Smile washes out all impurities within. We get happiness & pleasure with a spark of smile because the original status (swarup) of our soul is Anand (happiness). If one smile has the ability to catch the attention of everybody, then why not the teacher smiles? Let’s beautify our life & every life of the children through smile. 7. BUILDING CONFIDENCE- Smile is the sign of the personal self-confidence & also building other’s confidence. Once the children become comfort with the moderate language & behavior of the teacher they start keeping faith on the teacher. Confidence level in the subject depends on the easy & lucid presentation of the chapter by the teacher. Generally smile makes the chapter so light that every student feels easy. 8. INCREASES FREEDOM- Freedom of the children expands only when the teacher accepts them with love. All creativity & innovation depends on the freedom of the children, they have. ‘The true nature of the soul is freedom. So the children become very happy if they are given freedom to think & express.’ These can only happen when the teacher smiles in the class & becomes student-friendly. ‘The fear can in no way solve the problems of the children’. 9. LEARNING BECOMES ENJOYABLE- Learning among the children becomes enjoyable when the teacher’s heart & face is full of happiness. Smile spreads the message of love & brotherhood among all. It is better to teach in a smiling face in the class. While teaching We should feel the children not as students but as the Divine souls. Smile makes the subject easy & learning based. Smile makes the brain of both the teacher & children very light. A reserve mind & face creates no magic in the class. The class becomes a boring one for all time. 10. EMOTIONAL EXPANSION- The emotion of both the teacher & children expands with the mere touch of smile. The heart is the center of the emotion. This emotional expansion leads to better understanding of concepts. Positive emotion is created & it leads to creativity & innovation. If positive emotion persisted for a long time, the level of confidence & success increases to the top. Smile opens the closed heart for all. The pupils now fearless to tell every problem & share every thinking with the teachers. Thus smile plays a pivotal role in the life of both teachers & children. The smile if starts from the school & spread to every house then our country becomes ever happy. If every body starts smiling then the stress & diseases will be zero. If every class of a school is started with a smile, we should not be worried about the result. The day will come the smiling children will express freely & do what ever the school planned to achieve in the near future. Every school should have a motto that is ‘KEEP SMILING’ Smile radiates the positive vibration to everybody. If you smile the whole world is bound to smile. There is nothing wrong to say so.

Sperăm să mai putem zâmbi pentru copii, poate nu aşa angelic ca şi Cameron Diaz, dar măcar sincer…

Mr.Harekrushna Behera,Unchahar
E.Mail- hare_321ku@rediffmail.com) Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/tutoring-articles/teacherdo-you-smile–831840.html

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